Tiki Bar OC


Project Description

Located just minutes from Triangle Square is the Tiki Bar, an aptly named joint that doubles as a music venue. The building is divided into three spacious sections which include a stage, bar area with two pool tables and a smoking patio. The performance room sees an eclectic mix of reggae, punk, country & western on any given night. The bar maids rock the fishnets and short skirts while the bar tenders look like your average beach bums. Drinks are reasonably priced, with domestic draft beers at $4 per pint and $5 mixed drinks. The spigots pour a respectable variety of beers including: Shock Top, Bud Light, Newcastle and Guiness. There’s also a lobster tank with a robotic claw that allows you to try to catch your dinner in a way you’ve probably never imagined. Kyle Kotney, owner of the Tiki Bar OC, needed a way to easily promote shows for his venue and have a place where performers could contact him to book shows. He had a particular style in mind and we translated that into the site. The most important feature of the site was the event calendar, which allows Kyle to easily add and update upcoming show information. The goal of the site was to promote the location as a music venue, despite its long history as a popular bar.

Client Tiki Bar Orange County

Skills Web Design & Development