The Antidote CBD


Project Description

The Antidote CBD's goal is to bring to market an innovative all natural approach to promote one’s well being using the highest quality vitamins, minerals and hemp extracted CBD to aid the human body from life’s physical, mental and emotional challenges. All Antidote™ unique formulas are infused with the highest quality CBD, which is obtained legally through licensed industrial hemp farms in compliance with the 2014 Farm Bill Act and FDA Tariff Codes. They are thoroughly tested for product quality and CBD purity by the industry’s leading independent testing agency, SC Labs of Santa Ana, CA and are verified free of any psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC, assuring negative drug testing results. This cutting-edge company needed a website developed in a short period of time to promote its new energy drinks for an upcoming event. In order to accommodate them, we rapidly developed a site with high visual impact, using minimal assets, to appeal to their specific target industry. We took this a step further and expanded the site into an e-commerce site that would allow them to take orders and process payments with minimal set-up.

Client The Antidote CBD, LLC

Skills Web Design & Development