River Street Marketplace


Project Description

At River Street Marketplace, Frontier Real Estate Investments will create an inviting destination that builds community, connects and respects history, reflects local values, evokes an instant sense of place, and produces a legacy of enduring pride for the City of San Juan Capistrano. Located on what is now the Ito Nursery site in the Los Rios District, River Street Marketplace will capture the soulful spirit of this special city, artfully blending past and present. The challenge of this exciting new project was to present a modern vision to a tradition-oriented local community in a respectful, approachable, and persuasive manner. It was important to incorporate the renderings, videos, graphics and other aesthetic items into familiar color palettes and local imagery. Originally commissioned as a simple landing page, the project evolved into a full presentation of the proposed development.

Client Frontier Real Estate Investment

Skills Web Design & Development, SEO, Maintenance