Push Girls


Project Description

Telling someone’s unique story requires strategy, organization and, of course, a bit of innate talent. Each assignment our writers take on is hand-selected to coincide with their writing style. Engaging and continuing to engage the reader/viewer is elemental for a writer, and that’s why our writing style works well for businesses. We have a plan from start to finish—like a blueprint for a book.

For our magazine article “Push Girls,” our writers were tasked with taking a 2-hour, multi-conversational interview recording and turning it into a beautifully connected and powerful piece, which was then published in the national magazine ABILITY. Our writers concentrated on making the article impactful—obviously—while communicating the dynamic personalities of these four amazing women in a fun and light fashion. We wanted the readers to really get to know these women, while—most importantly—relating to them in such a way that their stories could be relevant to every woman. These women weren’t looking for compassion; they were looking to be viewed as the fun, flirty females that they are, and we think we accomplished that.

EXCERPT: Meet the Push Girls. Or as one of the show’s stars Tiphany Adams has coined this remarkable group of girls—“chicks in chairs.” Push Girls aired in June 2012, and while most reality shows focus on the drama between its stars, Push Girls is about connecting to others, accepting oneself and others, inspiring, healing and living life to its fullest potential. It is a show that will change opinions without pushing it on its audience. These four brave BFFs show viewers how they live their lives to the max, allowing viewers to experience the everyday lives of these women who go through the same trials and tribulations that we ultimately all go through: dealing with friends, family, mothers, fathers, lovers, life, but they also show the public what it is like to be wheelchair users. Push Girls breathes in the joys of life while healing each other and the people that surround them. There is still plenty of drama, conflict and comedy in the show if you’re a regular reality junkie who craves that crap, but this show comes from a real place, from women who are paving the way to manifesting a more positive path.

Client Ability Magazine

Skills Content Creation, Phtoography