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Telling someone’s unique story requires strategy, organization and, of course, a bit of innate talent. Each assignment our writers take on is hand-selected to coincide with their writing style. Engaging and continuing to engage the reader/viewer is elemental for a writer, and that’s why our writing style works well for businesses. We have a plan from start to finish—like a blueprint for a book.

We’re not going to lie; we were truly intimidated in taking on this interview for ABILITY Magazine. Profiling the profiler himself was a daunting task to tackle. But, having the opportunity to honor journalist John Williams with a piece that shared something so personal was an article that we certainly couldn’t pass up. Writing about Williams’ journey as a stutterer was inspirational, hopeful and educational. We made sure to check all the facts, not once, but twice. The experience of composing this piece has contributed greatly to the continued strength and precision of our writers’ work.

EXCERPT: A featured Business Week columnist and publisher of Assistive Technology News, journalist John M. Williams assures me he’s always accurate in his reporting even though he may not be the quickest. Author, technology writer and famed columnist, John Williams, has earned several awards for his outstanding achievements in delivering the news to the nation over the past 40 years. His expansive career has focused on covering a realm of people and subjects within the world of disability, and he accredits his understanding and instinct to raise awareness of disability issues to his own impairment of stuttering.

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