O’Neal Esthetics


Project Description

Telling someone’s unique story requires strategy, organization and, of course, a bit of innate talent. Each assignment our writers take on is hand-selected to coincide with their writing style. Engaging and continuing to engage the reader/viewer is elemental for a writer, and that’s why our writing style works well for businesses. We have a plan from start to finish—like a blueprint for a book.

The newly opened spa in Newport Beach, renamed O’Neal Esthetics, hired BLINKD’s writers to recreate their website content to accompany the relaunch of their website, overall look, logo and new location. O’Neal Esthetics’ restructured site required maintaining their old site’s retro feel in the tone of the content while elevating the text to target a more sophisticated clientele. Many of the menu items remained intact with minor editing, but much of the story had to be retold. We also composed a simplistic yet impactful tagline for them to use on the site and throughout all of their marketing materials, including their salon brochure. We feel that a punchy proclamation is paramount in connecting companies and its clients. (As you can see, using alliteration is one of our favorite ways to accomplish that feat.)

Client O'Neal Esthetics

Skills Content Creation, Photography