It’s Hip to Be Square


Project Description

Telling someone’s unique story requires strategy, organization and, of course, a bit of innate talent. Each assignment our writers take on is hand-selected to coincide with their writing style. Engaging and continuing to engage the reader/viewer is elemental for a writer, and that’s why our writing style works well for businesses. We have a plan from start to finish—like a blueprint for a book.

For our magazine article “It’s Hip to Be Square,” a moody, hipster-ish vibe was required to fit the feel of the person and place being profiled, which was Executive Chef Aron Habiger of The Crosby in DTSA. Our writers wanted to make the reader feel like he/she had just stepped into this ultra-cool (unfortunately, now closed), kitschy little bar and restaurant, so we began by introducing the surroundings, talked about why this was the place to be at the time and segued into how fitting Chef Habiger’s cooking style helped to cultivate this once-trendy hangout.

EXCERPT: The Crosby is the type of place that you’ll want to stay at all night, watching the crowds shift from those focused on exploring the food during dinner to bar goers who just want a good cocktail to the music lovers who want to hear the up-and-coming musicians and DJ’s that the Crosby gang procures, and everyone seems to be there to have a genuinely good time. We promise you’ll not be bored—there’s something here for everyone. Obscure movies are projected on the wall. The modern, flower motif wallpaper—nope, they’re skulls!—will mesmerize even the sober; and, the food and the cocktails are crazy good (not to mention the people watching).

Client Locale Magazine

Skills Content Creation, Photography