Gotta Have Faith


Project Description

Telling someone’s unique story requires strategy, organization and, of course, a bit of innate talent. Each assignment our writers take on is hand-selected to coincide with their writing style. Engaging and continuing to engage the reader/viewer is elemental for a writer, and that’s why our writing style works well for businesses. We have a plan from start to finish—like a blueprint for a book.

“Gotta’ Have Faith” was a piece that targeted a person who truly does it all, so the article had to reflect the subject’s—news anchor Kimi Evans—energy and ambitious aspirations. We discovered that although this accomplished woman seems to have it all when it comes to her career, health and spirituality, she—like many of us—is still searching for the ultimate success…love. Her unbelievably inspiring story is one for the books…really…we think she should hire BLINKD to write a book about her uplifting journey, so stay tuned.

EXCERPT: As San Diego 6’s morning weather anchor and owner of two fast-growing San Diego-based fitness studios, Kimi Evans has so much for which to be proud. Yet, she’s still hoping for more out of her journey, and why not? She’s gorgeous, young, curious, accomplished and single (believe it or not). Evans wants to be a mother, a mentor, write a book and share her stories with the world. She has so much to give, and after getting to know her a little better, we are confident that she will make the most of the rest of her quest.

Client Locale Magazine

Skills Content Creation, Photography