Christian Muslim Alliance


Project Description

The Christian-Muslim Alliance was founded by a Christian with a deep passion for ending Islamophonia, especially that instigated by Christians. Their primary objective is advocating for education, understanding, and peace. Our work includes the building of authentic friendships and partnerships — between individuals, churches, mosques, organizations, and government entities. By doing their part to enhance and amplify the efforts of those helping to fight against Islamaphobia, laying the foundation for a lasting peace, we hope to encourage harmony between people of all faiths, and an end of all forms of bigotry. This was a passion project for an ex-pastor turned activist, Paul Martin. He asked for a website that would allow him to easily post and share articles, and present them in an elegant, organized style. It was important that the site also be able to collect donations and connect with his social media channels.

Client The Christian Muslim Alliance

Skills Web Design & Development, SEO, Maintenance